Translator Anne Lee Announces “Updated” Localization For “Norn9: Var Commons” Re-Release

On July 21, 2022, freelance translator Anne Lee tweeted that she will be “handling the updated localization” for the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of Norn9: Var Commons, an otome visual novel originally released on the PlayStation Vita by Aksys Games. The publisher confirmed this announcement later the same day on their official Twitter account.

The credit roll from the original English release on PlayStation Vita.

Lee was not listed in the original game’s credits, so it appears this will be her first time working on the title. She is an established professional translator who also has experience working in journalism, public relations, marketing, consulting, and academia.

In the original English release, fans were quick to point out a plethora of glaring errors in the script, which was generally agreed to be a massive step down in quality from the otherwise well-regarded release of Code: Realize only a few weeks beforehand. Following Norn9, Aksys Games steadily garnered a reputation for “rushed” low-quality localizations, some of which were publicly attributed to a company offensively named Engrish Localization. (“Engrish” is a racist term that refers to East Asian ESL speech, either poorly written or spoken aloud with a heavy accent.) This marks the first time that Aksys Games has acknowledged the subpar quality of a previous release.

The Nintendo Switch port of Norn9: Var Commons is slated to release in the West in 2023, which should give the new localization team plenty of time to iron out the myriad typos, mistranslations, and inappropriate pop culture jokes documented over the years by disappointed fans.

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